Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CSA Share

I ran into some obstacles getting my CSA share. The first time I went to the meeting spot and couldn’t find them. I even went twice and brought someone with me the second time. I contacted them and they gave me further instructions for the next week and also offered to double it up, which was super nice. I wasn’t thinking clearly and didn’t get a picture of the share the first/second time, but by the third time I got myself together, picked up my share like a pro, and took some pictures.

I have been taking the celery with me to work as a snack and used all of the carrots to make baby food. Those were some beautiful carrots – red, yellow, and orange. I prepared the kale two different ways. The first way was boiling it down with some bacon (similar to collard greens) and the second way was making “chips” with it by sprinkling olive oil and sea salt and baking in the oven. Surprisingly, my picky husband liked it both ways (that’s what she said – sorry, couldn’t pass it up). The mixed greens made a few nice salads and I plan to make some rhubarb muffins this weekend. I have some chives and other herbs that I haven’t used yet, so those should be yummy in something soon.

I love that spring is here (well, mostly) and that I have fresh vegetables in my house again.
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  1. I am jealous of your CSA share!

    I just read a few weeks ago about the kale chips idea. I haven't liked it so far, but I also haven't tried that yet, so if I ever come across some again it's definitely what I'm going to do.

    That's what she said.

  2. I have really liked it so far. We haven't been able to eat it all in one week, but the veggies seem to be keeping for a while.

    Jason is addicted to kale chips.