Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deliveries. Cookus Interruptus. Reactions.

Unfortunately, I had a set back. My soon-to-be little eater caught a terrible cold last Friday and is still fighting it. With all of the problems that he is having, I didn’t feel comfortable introducing something foreign into his system. He seems to be getting a little better every day, so hopefully we can experiment with some organic cereal this weekend.

The only food making news, I did receive my Magic Bullet last Friday and the cube trays on Monday. My little man turns six months on March 3rd, so I can feed him homemade cereal after that. I plan to experiment with some vegetables the weekend after. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures so that I can add them to the post.

I did find a website, Cookus Interruptus, that I adore. Her recipes are quick, easy, good for the entire family, and organic. I really like that I can find recipes that will help use the vegetables from our CSA. I also like that there are a lot of recipes for foods that I have heard of, including some comfort foods and baked goods.

I have mixed feelings about the videos. I know that they are trying to give a real life feel, but sometimes I find it annoying. Based on the comments, though, most people think that it is hilarious. Either way, I can definitely stand it and I love the short length of the videos. Also, if it bothers you too much, the recipe is written, too, so you can bypass the video. The recipes are simple enough and sound flavorful. The downside is that she uses some specialty ingredients and spices that I am probably going to have to travel out of town to find.

I read some of her blog entries and find them useful. She answers a lot of my questions. She is also a fan of Jamie Oliver, who I have liked every since I watched his show, Jamie’s School Lunch Project. I think it originally aired in 2006. Anyway, I really enjoy his research and ideas and completely support his desire to turn school lunches into a healthy meal. Kate sent me a link (which was also featured in the Cookus Interruptus blog) to a recent TED talk featuring Jamie and his fight against chocolate milk. It is about 20 minutes in length.

On a completely different topic, I just want to comment that I am kind of surprised at peoples’ reactions when I told them I am doing this. A couple of close friends advised me that organic food is just a governmental scam with a hippie mindset designed to provoke a higher bill at the grocery store. Others claimed that their food growing up didn’t contain nearly as many preservatives and additives as today’s selection, so they were conditioned to not consider this in their food choices. And no matter what facts I would bring to the table, no one would even think about incorporating more organic food in their diets.

I found it odd how passionate people are to protect their overly processed food. Or maybe they were just defending their lifestyle choices. I almost felt that they thought that I was attacking their values when I was really just excited about my own decision. Anyway, I just thought that the negative reactions were interesting.

My husband and I are pretty cynical people and I will admit that I am surprised at how quickly he jumped on board. I think for both of us, though, there is so much evidence to support this. Even if it is just to eat healthier by including more fresh produce in meals or sit together as a family during dinner, it is improving our lives.
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