Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Newly Organic

I am a working mom, who not only logs in full-time hours during the week, but also commutes. So, trust me, I am looking for easy, convenient, but still cost effective solutions. I am planning (and hoping) to make most of my son’s baby food, but do realize that there may be a need to supplement with premade store bought food. Luckily, I am a planner and a scheduler, which I think will be assets that will allow me to accomplish a healthier lifestyle.

As time goes on, I also plan to shift my husband’s and my groceries to organic, so as my son gets older, we are able to enjoy meals as a family. Although we live in somewhat of a farming area, I am surprised at how few options there are. There is a Farmer’s Market, but it is not year round and will only be viable in the summer and fall months. Our city only has one major grocery store with a limited (overly priced) organic and health food section and it took me a couple years to find a local CSA. Luckily, I believe we have a couple health food stores, so I will be visiting those to see what is available. 

Through this blog, I am hoping to provide some tips and recommendations to others who are considering this option for their families. But, I am also hoping that people will read this and provide me with information to help make a cost effective and smooth transition. I also hope to prove that anyone can do this, even with little resources available. 

A wonderful friend of mine (who continues to inspire me) also writes a mommy blog. Unfortunately, she no longer lives in the area, but I still rely on her for guidance and support. She recently wrote an informative blog entry that has helped me begin this journey: Choosing healthier food for your family. She is the real writer, so give her blog a shot!
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  1. How awesome Momma! you can easily make and put up lots of healthy organic baby food. It's easier than most think to plan ahead, thaw, and pack it. I'll email soon... loving that you are doing this!