Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Welcome to the family!

As I posted earlier, our beloved Magic Bullet finally decided to retire. I knew that we couldn't afford a Vitamax or other awesome blenders, so my research led me to the Ninja and Nutri Bullet. A few weeks of reading reviews and watching various YouTube videos, I was still left completely undecided.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond armed with a 20% off coupon and excited to make a snap decision and buy a blender. I could only find the Ninja, so that made my decision pretty simple. The cashier did tell me where the Nutri Bullets were located (a special display) as I was checking out, but I already had the Ninja in hand and just took the plunge. The family was excited to welcome our new addition, our Ninja blender.

My review so far... It's definitely better than the Magic Bullet. I've used it for a couple of weeks and already I can tell that it doesn't leak, which was always a problem with the Magic Bullet. The Ninja is also much more powerful than the Magic Bullet. Although, it doesn't "pulverize" as it claims. I use chia seeds and berries frequently in my smoothies and those seeds are always left untouched and whole. The smoothies are blended much better than with the Magic Bullet and overall for the price, I would recommend it. I've also used to blender (not single serve, but the bigger one) for a recipe and it worked really well.

I was originally leaning toward the Nurti Bullet since it was made my the same company as the Magic Bullet and I hoped that we could use some of the cups and other attachments from the Magic Bullet. Although I do like the Ninja, I can't help but still be curious about Nutri Bullet. Does it pulverize? Is it better? There is no reason that our family needs two single serve blenders, but what if one is way more superior than the other?  Any other opinions on cheap(er) single serve blenders?
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